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Mentally Tough Skaters

Experts agree that the acquisition of psychological skills is the result of formal instruction and deliberate training.

Coaches' Resources

  • How to increase skaters' Self-Confidence levels
  • Effective Goal Setting 
  • Coaching & Leadership skills utilized by top coaches
  • How to help skaters to stay in their zone of optimal functioning

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Most experienced coaches know that an athlete or a team has an advantage if they employ mental techniques to improve skill acquisition, consistency, and performance under pressure. In a study looking at how important mental skills are to athletic success, most coaches consider sport to be at least 50% mental when competing against an opponent of similar ability. In certain sports, such as golf, tennis, and figure skating, mental skills are consistently viewed as 80-90% mental.

Why don’t more coaches utilize these tried and tested methods? Too busy? It takes time to research, organize and implement? Not sure exactly how to implement program?

Most Coaches have good intentions… They want their skaters and team(s) to be at the top, but obstacles often get in the way:

  • Coaches set goals, but forget to measure them. 
  • They notice their skater(s) get really nervous at competitions, but they are unsure of how to instruct them to deal with their anxiety.
  • They fail to spell out in writing what high levels of commitment actually look like for their skaters.
  • They want their team members to act a certain way, but they fail to give a clear picture of what their expectations are.
  • They don't give skaters individual feedback on their skating and teamwork skills so they can improve in the off season.
  • They let one skater’s poor attitude thrive which can infiltrate and undermine team functioning.
  • They fail to be optimistic and coach from a place of control. 

Are some athletes just born with mental toughness?

Are some team members just born with optimal team skills?

Evidence is confirming that most people are not born with the mental skills and capabilities they need to succeed individually or on a team.

Experts agree that the acquisition of psychological skills is a result of formal instruction and deliberate training.