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Mentally Tough Skaters

Experts agree that the acquisition of psychological skills is the result of formal instruction and deliberate training.


Coach’s Survey (Individual Skaters)

Coaches Survey

1. Do you have a clear picture of how your skaters handle pressure?
2. Do you have a method for helping your skaters to control their nerves at key events?
3. Do your skaters fall more in competition than in practice?
4. Do you believe that visualization works to improve performance levels in your skaters?
5. Do you teach and instill visualization as an important component in the practice regime of your skaters?
6. Do you get anxious in the week before a competition based on the quality of the run-throughs that your skaters are doing?
7. Do you feel like there are too many last minute corrections to make right before a competition?
8. Do you loose your temper and yell during practice, especially right before competition?
9. Do you get frustrated because skaters miss too many practices?
10. Do you help your skaters to set and write down goals for their improvement?
11. Do you chart your skater’s progress towards their goals?
12. Do you solely measure the success of a season by how your skater places at the top competition of the year?
13. Do you have a Coach’s Mission Statement?
14. Do you have a written definition of what commitment looks like for your skaters?
15. Do you give written end of the season assessments to your skaters?