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Mentally Tough Skaters

Experts agree that the acquisition of psychological skills is the result of formal instruction and deliberate training.

Mental Toughness for Individual Figure Skaters

Successful athletes don't simply focus on the physical demands of their sport - they train to be Mentally Tough.

Competitors who are not skating to their potential often make mental errors:

  • Skaters lose focus and struggle to regain it in practice and competition
  • Skaters focus on the outcome, instead of the process
  • Skaters feel confident executing difficult jumps and spins in practice, but not in competition
  • Skaters are unaware of their self-talk and how it affects their skating
  • Skaters fail to stay relaxed under pressure
  • Skaters fail to use imagery and relaxation to improve skill acquisition and consistency

Research supports that Mental Toughness Techniques are not innate. They are the result of formal instruction and deliberate training. Training to be mentally tough takes time and consistent practice, just as training the body for Figure Skating takes time and consistent practice. Every skater has unique strengths and weaknesses. It is vital for successful competitors to understand their own strengths and weaknesses so that a personalized Mental Toughness training plan can be customized for each athlete.

This program will help to identify mental obstacles so that skaters can beat previous performance levels. It will help athletes to target thought patterns that are slowing them down. It will teach them relaxation and focusing techniques enabling them to skate to their potential. It will help skaters to improve their confidence levels by mastering proven mental strategies.

The Program

Mentally Tough Skaters is a cohesive mental training program to enable skaters to reach their full potential. It is grounded in research findings and targets the areas that have enabled top performing athletes to achieve the highest levels of success.

The Individual skater's program is tailored  for a group of individual competitors. (8-20 skaters)

Topics include:

  1. Getting to know personal mental patterns
  2. Imagery/Visual motor behavior rehearsal (VMBR)
  3. Self-Talk & Affirmations
  4. How to boost Self-Confidence
  5. Activation Control
  6. Relaxation/The importance of breath
  7. Emotions and how to get a handle on them
  8. Goal Setting
  9. Thinking Strategies and how they affect performance
  10. Thinking errors - Perfectionism

Each skater will receive their own customized Mental Toughness training plan

Program is 5 hours in length - Workbook included 

Individual Mental Toughness Coaching sessions available

Please contact Shannon Peck, M.S. for program fees