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Mentally Tough Skaters

Experts agree that the acquisition of psychological skills is the result of formal instruction and deliberate training.


Individual Skater’s Survey

Coaches Survey

1. Do you get shaky and nervous when you skate in a competition?
2. When you skate under pressure, do you think about who is watching you and what they are thinking about you?
3. At key events, do you have a pre-competition plan that you follow to stay calm as you get ready to skate?
4. Do you have a tough time falling asleep the night before a competition?
5. At a competition, do you predominately think about wanting to win?
6. When you practice, are you able to focus on the corrections you want to make for an entire freestyle?
7. Towards the end of a freestyle, do you find your mind wandering to things outside of skating?
8. When you take a MIF, Freeskate or Dance test, are you able to stay focused on what you are supposed to be doing on the ice for the entire test?
9. When you take a MIF, Freeskate, or Dance test, do you do any Visualization or breathing exercises before you skate to calm your nerves?
10. At a competition, do you predominately think about skating your best?
11. Do you ‘Pop’, over-rotate, or fall on jumps more in competition than in practice?
12. Do you write down and chart your skating goals on a regular basis?
13. At key events, do you think ahead to what you might do if something unexpected happens? (i.e. if your CD breaks, if you lose a screw in your boot on the warm up, if you get a ‘mean’ judge, if a top performing competitor is in your group…)
14. Has your coach taught you to listen to your self-talk?
15. Are you able to ‘bounce back’ after a fall or a mistake early in your program?